• Z / J = A button (Talk to people)
  • X / K = B button (Jumping)
  • Enter = Start (Pause game)
  • WASD / Arrow keys to move + up and down ladders

Barry's sister, Mary, has been captured by a mysterious foe, and you must rescue her!

Run, jump, and stomp the baddies who stand in your way, and get to the end of each level unscathed!

HUGE THANKS once again to Scott Semanski for making the wonderful tunes you hear in this game! Check out his soundcloud for more tracks by him!

This is my second GB Studio developed game. Robby's Day Out took a week to make, but Cherry Rescue! took almost 2 months and a half! I aim to make my games bigger than the previous one.

With the new platformer engine in GB Studio, I was eager to design a lot of new graphics, levels, and scripts, and was excited to have Scott composing once again!

I hope you enjoy Cherry Rescue!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This game was developed using the GB Studio 2 beta platformer engine, which is still in development. Until the full version of GB Studio 2 is available, I cannot alter the physics or actor collision detection as of right now.


  • 0.9 - adjusted Level 5's layout for safer navigation, reduced spike amount
  • 1.0 - fixed the A button not working after playing the game again after credits (press A at credits screen to replay the game!), adjusted bald NPC dialogue in Level 3
Updated 8 days ago
Published 12 days ago
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags2D, Cute, Game Boy, Pixel Art


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Nice game.


this autully good kinda liek that little adventure best game



Love the music and level design, this is great!


Really fun, lots of level   variety and nice lil challenge!


This is amazing! 

Great gameboy game! It is in my Top 5 of the week!

Check my video!

Very good game.

Took me right back to my Gameboy days in the 90s... super fun to play, even though I am terrible at platformers!

Cherry Rescue definitely captures that classic GameBoy feeling in both visuals and general gameplay. Though the levels felt a bit short, they still stirred much nostalgia for the old games, and I like that in this sort of creation. The music was pretty good, too.

Good job, dev.

Super fun, really dope art. The only issue I ran into was that the controls are really slidey. It would keep moving after I let go of the right and left arrows.

Super cute! I played Robby's day out and saw your progress updates for cherry rescue in the GB studio discord- love the artwork especially :)


land 5 is impossable rn

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Sweet game little game!
It gives me the old memories of my old gameboy xD

It's a cute little game. The only thing really bothering me is  the jump height. All the little characters are cute.

echo most peoples comments , lovely !

I love the graphics, but I often felt frustrated while playing. Here are my notes, take them as you will

1. The jump feels too high for the movement speed. Id doesn't feel right to me. I would honestly reduce the giant jump height/ increase the agility a bit

2. Showing the level start after every death is very annoying

3. when I died, It was usually to running into an enemy that I didn't have time to react to after they came on screen. Idk how to fix but this is just what I felt. I don't think I had a single 'deserved' death it was always to something annoying 

I like retro graphics and music. Nostalgic!

A sweet mix of Kirby Dreamland, Mario Land 2 & Lololo.

Awesome! I loved it. The graphics and music are just perfect. Keep up the great work :)

what button is  start

The Enter key.

This game was amazing and adorable and the lest few stages filled my with that sense of childhood rage that i love oh so much!!! I appreciate you guys making games like this it really brings me back <3 

luv it looks  alot like kirby!

Superb work! I never liked Bird Chefs myself either! Can't wait for the next one!

(1 edit)

Loved it! While climbing the ladders in level 4 a bullet hit the player and the death animation triggered but controls were still active and managed to bet the level :)

It's an issue with GB Studio beta 2; it's uncommon, but sometimes the bullet from Alien will just change Barry's sprite, but still be in control. Getting hit by the bullet again solves this small issue. There's also an issue where sometimes trying to stomp an enemy doesn't work.

what a nice little game!

I loved it. Great job on the music, especially. 

Really great game! I'm getting strong Kirby vibes with the sprites. I feel like I'm a kid with my old grey Game Boy again. Great job!

Feels like an official GB game exccellent! 


This is so cute and well-made. I love the graphics