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Hey Grafxkid I made a tiny game using your assets

While I didn't manage to make a fun game I had lost of fun making it and using your assets :)

I just wanted to say thank you for providing all of these assets for free; they are wonderful and you do a great job.

GrafxKid, is there any way you can do a set [with your unique art style] for a minor character [minor, and tools like pickaxe, mine cart, and maybe 1 or 2 friendly characters, and 1 or 2 enemies/baddies]? is there anyway you can fit that in your schedule?

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I think you mean miner, someone who mines for ores and such. Sounds like a neat concept, but I'd need way more assets to draw to warrant a pack of some sort, and if it's just one theme, which is mining, it's going to have to be a big worthy one.

You can also just commission me to make you these assets, since I've never been approached to design mining assets yet.

Thank you for your reply. Yes you are correct, I meant miner [sorry for the typo in the original post]. what would you charge/the rate be if you were commissioned to do such a pack? A miner, a couple of friendly characters/creatures, a couple of enemy/baddies, various pickup items [map, treasure chest, key, money bag, different types of gems/food], mine cart [animated wheels], tools [pickaxe, shovel, tnt, lantern, flashlight]. 

You can email me regarding commissions. It is located in my bio on my itch.


Awesome as usual! :)

It is wonderful! Your work is amazing!