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Really cute game! That was short, but enjoyed every part of it! 😊

That was very sweet! I would love to further follow Robby's adventure if you ever decide to create more :) Thank you and congrats on this lovely little experiment!

Cute !! absolutely loved it

The Game Was Adorable And Very Short QwQ

cute and shrt 


Pretty wholesome for an exercise in game dev. A fine effort!

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If I ever get an idea on how to expand this game, for sure. This game was mostly to test my knowledge on understanding GB Studio.

¿final version?


LOL nice one

Really cute and nice game. It's not long, but the fact that you managed to create the pokemon-esque envirnoment is great. I like the color palette and the music too. Good job!

I just did a speed run through it in like 30 seconds probably less

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I did it in like somewhere between .90 - 1.75 minutes

aaa super cute and i love the music! i really wouldn't mind doing more errands in the future. ^^ also i love how robby's burger was already prepared HAHA

so cute <3


My full playthrough video on this game:

I love this game it's so cute!


So cute! My favourite thing about this game is that Angela says UwU


That's my favorite thing about this game too. 

very cute!


neat, thanks!


It's too short to be fun


such a light-hearted game. I love it!


I will revisit this game in the form of a sequel sometime in the future!


This is so cute and fun and the graphics are excellent

Did you make them all yourself?

I’d love a sequel with longer story. Like when Robby comes home someone gives him more errands to run. 

It was charming and fun

SO CUTE! I love how lively this little town is. And you got perfect music to accompany it.

I hope you continue to build out this world!

Very short, BUT super cute, made me think of the days Id play on the GBC

i've never loved something so much ;0; it's so cute !! 

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aww its too short


Super cute game, so much potential. Art is fantASTIC

One thing I would change is the way textboxes flash for a moment, it's a bit much on the eyes.

It seems to be a bug with GB Studio 2 beta, since GB Studio 1 doesn't have the flashing issue. If the issue gets fixed in later updates, I'll reupload a new build of the game.
I could've made it that the text boxes would slide down with every new message shown, but it would take more time, and there's a lot of characters that talk, haha.

I think in games like Pokémon they would keep the box up but just clear it whenever there's a new paragraph?

Might be a solution.


i loved the game 10/10 would recommend


Short, sweet and charming game. <3


I love the sprites and character design and the music is really nice too!


That was a really cute game! I got stuck behind a npc on the bridge for 5 minutes but i got out eventually! Just a little suggestion, (if you are even open to taking any), you could make 2 ending, one where you go and play video games, only obtainable after the errands are done, and the one already in the game. I love the music and i think you rock! i followed you and I'm excited for more content!


You can pause and unpause to reset NPC positions.

oh well. (im dumby)


First time I get involved in a 8-bit game. Awesome jay. awesome!

Feedback: The collider in the food shop is kinda bugged, I needed to press Z, X and Arrows like crazy to talk to the men


Ah yes, sorry about that.

I set it up in a way where the player has to be on the trigger space while also facing up, because I didn't know how to talk to the NPC behind the counter, as they're behind collission.

So no need to press anything, just walk up to that spot while facing upward. I'll add this to the issues section.
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You can place an actor where the counter is. Just make an all green transparent sprite! :) (This is an example from a game I'm making)

Fixed it! Thanks!

Sure, no problem! Love your sprite work and music! Robby is very cute!