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와우 감사합니다 제가 찾던이미지입니다^^ 제게임에 사용할예정입니다.

좋은이미지를 ㅈ제공해주셔셔 감사합니다.

Good job!!!

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I noticed the palette used in the background layers is slightly different than the one used on the foreground tiles. Is there a complete palette you can give me so I can use them to work on the background layers? Also, do you have any other palettes like your “Nature’s Embrace 55” palette that I can use? I’m still kinda bad at putting together good palettes myself so I’ve been using your “Nature’s Embrace 55” palette to make new tiles and entities, and if you got any other good palettes I’d love to try and use them! :D

Here’s what I’ve got so far. A few new color variants for the plants, (I’m trying to go for a more “magical” feel, and plan on using them for a gradual transition between “normal grasslands” and “magical grasslands” biomes), a bunch of new variants for that short brick wall (I also cut it into smaller pieces), a lot of new terrain tiles (for the Grassland tileset), and more. I also plan on making winter and autumn variants for the some of the Grassland tileset’s tiles; summer and winter variants for some of the Autumn Forest tileset’s tiles; and summer and autumn variants for some of the Winter World tileset’s tiles. For example, I’m gonna make summer- and winter-themed forests, as well as winter- and autumn-themed grasslands. I plan on using them for 3 different biomes/areas in a small metroidvania game I’m working on. And of course I’ll credit you. :)

Each of the backgrounds in this pack have custom filters I made in GraphicsGale, so there's no custom palette for them. I no longer have the filters, since I made these pixels around 2018. I have other palettes here, but other than NE55, I no longer make color palettes.

Ah, that’s fine. I’ll come up with something. I will have a look at your other palettes though, some might come in handy.


Muito obrigado para os ativos!

I have a question why are the opengameart one and the one different?

Since OGA packs are older uploads, there are some things I like to add and update in the itch packs, like the added house and overall new color pal.

can you make semisolid platforms plz

I've just made a small game prototype using your art.

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Man, your assets are always the bomb. Also, It's funny how theres a random misplaced brick in your images.

(Huh, I swear that I followed you a long time ago... weird)

Great job! Your arts were amazing!  
I'm using them in a game of mine. So I'll put it in the credits! OK?

Ótimo trabalho! Suas artes ficaram incriveis!

Eu estou usando elas em um jogo meu. Então eu vou colocar nos créditos! Ok?

i might use this in my game i will give you credit

I just have a word for it ... perfect!

Great work!

Used some of your art in a tile matching game for a retro computer, credit given as 'GrafxKid'.

Hello GrafxKid!

I used your Pixel Art assets in my game.....

Postman Jr.

Thank you very much for the beautiful graphics :)

You’re such a skilled pixel artist. The autumn forest is my favorite. You’re really good with color

I really love ur style i see Mega city pack on site opengame art i can use comercial this mega city pack too i really love this style wanna make game about this :)

Hey! I loved it :D

I was wondering if I can use your art in my project ? I will give you credits :)


Hey man, love your stuff! I have one question: do you mind if someone edits your art? I would change some things a little bit, or use something as a base for more complex pixelart. Is that okay? Cheers!

Yes, you can edit the artwork.

I used your pixel arts in my game:

I give u credits in Credits Menu

Check my game, and thank you for your great art



On opengameart you have a mega city pack, along with shipping docks. Are you going to upload that here too?

I don't plan on adding the mega city stuff. I do have another tileset planned soon.

Were your sprite packs made to work with these tilesets?

They can work with each other, but it isn't mandatory.

Alright, thanks!


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I feel like I should censor these while looking at them during work hours, because this is porn to me. You rock! Also, may I ask which palette you use? Thanks :)


I'm using my palette "Nature's Embrace 55".

Beautiful palette. Many thanks!

WOW Fantastic!!! 


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Wow! Very cool


ever since you have came on this site youve been dropping banger art

Not going to lie, I literally said holy shi- when I saw this. Awesome job.


Amazing!!! Thanks for share.

May I use it on my games?

I'll mention you on credits


Of course you can use them!

nice job man! best of luck for you ;)


Love you bro. You are so kind to provide these assets for free.


No prob.

It would be great if you can create a assets pack on ui elements. This has a bit of UI stuff in it.

Yeah i have already downloaded that assets pack. It has some great cursor artwork. Good job. But i neee a asset pack that contains a scalable menu, buttons, slider etc. If you have time, please make a asset containing these. It is always great to download your assets;)