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Great sprite packs!

I am currently using an edited version of Mr. Man as the main character, Squire Reggie, in my EGA platformer WIP "Dungeons of Ool".

Thank you for the great artwork you provide to devs!

Dude are these awesome sprites 16x16 or 32x32?

Princess Sera is 16 x 32, while everyone else is 16 x 16.


Finally, the first time I saw you was years ago in Opengame art, I downloaded the princess sprite and started to modify it and think of a game to use it but finally I discarded my dreams of making a game, but years later I returned and decided to start to use that sprite again and I can't see my life without it, you did a great job man <3 after searching a lot in OGA I couldn't find you again until out of nowhere and looking for sprites I found you out of sheer luck  .

for now you can try the princess games in these links
1.-https: //
2.-https: //

You can see the difference in the sprites because in the first one I used the old sprite which was missing frames but managed to get it right, in Awesome party it is this same sprite that you left here. <3 and another little character that you also created.

I just started but believe me, I will take care of this project and soon I will be here at and everywhere.

 Thank you, I wish you the best, have a great year <3


Glad to hear you working on your project again and that my artwork has helped!

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Wonderful art, I'm going to make a game with all your assets. Thanks a lot for making this for free!

You will be in the "credits" --obviously

I reply to this comment if I'm done, maybe you wanna check the game out then....

Hope you will do more of this amazing art in the future (:

I'm gonna use your assets for a game.

Imma put you in game's credits.

Hello I want to use this asset in my game programming lecture.  Student will download your asset in site. I will credit you. In fact, I want use in side scrolling shooting game. This is my lecture part1. I want use it in part3 shooting game. Could I use it? 

Go right ahead. Just be sure to link to my itch to download my asset packs.

Thanks men!!!

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Thats amazing. Waaay more than five star.

The art is so consistent and pleasant to look. It has a Super Mario influence, and thats perfect. Thanks, you're a genious.

Thanks! Mario and Kirby are my 2 primary inspirations for pixel characters.

Wow Nice Packs! They all go will together!