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Includes 9 characters with their own animations and features!

  • Onion Lad - Uses his powerful fists to punch his enemies!
  • Mr. Mochi - Your average, big hero!
  • Octi - Generic, small octopus. Squirms for dear life!
  • Robo Pumpkin - A marching, robot pumpkin!
  • Daikon - A hopping vegetable!
  • Robo Totem - An enemy with armor!
  • Rocket Cherry - Flying fruit. Hit them once and they lose their rockets!
  • Comrade Cheese Puff - Mini tanks armed with missiles! When their tanks are gone, they'll flee while also dropping bombs!
  • Snip Snap Crab - Watch out! This crab's pinch is no joke!


You can freely use these assets for personal and commercial use. Crediting is optional, but if you'd like to, thank you very much!

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GenreAction, Platformer
Tags2D, animated, Arcade, Pixel Art
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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Thanks for your great assets, Jason!

I used several of them from here and OpenGameArt, modified characters a bit to create a game about Crab with a mallet hammering evil cooks:) - https://zenkong.itch.io/crab-hammer

These are really cute sprites, I used Mr. Mochi in a small game recently at https://alzhu1.itch.io/time-to-block-out. Thanks for putting this out there!

Used these ones in Rocket Cherry - Google Play combined with Sprite Pack 1 and Mini FX, Items & UI.

Awesome assets, thank you!

Mr. Mochi - finally a videogame hero I can relate to!


Hi! I'm a teacher teaching  how to make games with Unity to kids 10+. I'm searching for some assets to use in their games. I really like your enemy assets. However, you have a "do not redistribute" close in your permissions. Since giving the assets in a package to students constitute redistribution, I want to ask for your permission to use them in an education context. If you prefer not, I'll understand.

Thank you!


I apologize for the vague description. What I'm asking is to not reupload the assets to another distributing asset website without crediting me as the original artist and other similar contexts. You can download and share it with your students no problem.

Awesome thanks :)


Your character descriptions are so funny. they make me love them


Thank you sir! I just used it for my first game. Check it out:


You're in the credits (die 3 times and you'll see it).


I am using these assets for a small prototype.  If you want to see the progress here they are



Sorry to Ask, dude Does that Top-left character (Mr Mochi, i think) based on Spooky Chase main char?

The game is a Year Old now, and a lot of developers may incur in the error of using that sprite, since it is so similar to the authoral character.

Also, I understand that's a pretty common design, but it would be nice if you could redesign Mr Mochi! Sorry if it's bothersome =/ Have a nice day!

here's a comparison, if needed!

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I'm the original creator, as I also have my sprites available on OpenGameArt, which date back to 2016 - https://opengameart.org/content/arcade-platformer-assets

It's not uncommon for people to use my assets without crediting, as I set them as public domain.

Well, sorry for my assumptions!

I didn't knew your work on OGA!

It's fine! These things happen sometimes.

Wow Nice Packs! They all go will together!