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Includes 10 characters with simpler actions.

  • Agent Mike - A short, suited man, armed with a small pistol.
  • Martian Red - An alien from a faraway planet.
  • Hermie - A rather big hermit crab that can retreat into its shell!
  • Ballooney - It's a balloon... with a face!
  • Robot Walky - A rather slow robot that waddles.
  • Jumpy Lumpy - A blue, poisonous, leaping frog! Watch out!
  • Orchid Owl - An owl that generally flies.
  • Roach - A giant cockroach!
  • Mr. Circuit - A sentient computer on the run!
  • Blankey - A floating ghost! Spooky!


You can freely use these assets for personal and commercial use. Crediting is optional, but if you'd like to, thank you very much!

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Tags2D, animated, Arcade, Pixel Art


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Agent Mike is the star of Subsist Baddies  !

Hi, I really like your agent mike, I just wanted to know if you possibly have other gun attachments for him? 

I have no further plans to work on this pack, but there's nothing stopping you from adding your own weapons or attachments!

Hey amazing pack! i used the ghost in my game that i just made, go check it out at https://mrmuffinman61.itch.io/ghosty-go :)

man, your sprites are perfect I was looking for sprites, but I didn't find any good ones until I saw yours I really like your pixel art style I'm going to use the ghost The Blankey

Baloonie can’t fool me. I know she’s the most evil creature in the universe

I made a game on Steam using your artwork:


I need the gun man to look rougher
Can I modify it?

Yes, you can modify him! You can modify my assets freely.

Wow Nice Packs! They all go will together!