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Includes 7 characters with different styles and flavors!

  • Toggle - A lost space explorer, originating from sector TL-02-R99. Armed with a poison bubble pistol, and if necessary, his own fists of fury!
  • Tracy - Former shipmate of a very famous pirate crew from centuries ago. She wields a trusty metal crossbow, and shoots arrows that can be used as small platforms!
  • Armand - Retired factory robot who used to lift things up and place them down with ease. He can punch hard, and even block attacks from the front with his impenetrable wrists!
  • Percy - A cloned dinosaur brought back to life in the modern era! He can attack with his tail, and shoot fireballs from his mouth!
  • Vessa - The galaxy's planetary dance champion for over 500 years, Vessa is always looking for other dancers to compete with!
  • Angie - A sentient bean sprout from a failed science experiment. She can use her flower bud to whip enemies, and even release explosive seeds!
  • Barry Cherry - After having saved his sister from an evil bird chef, and settling down for some time, Barry decided to embark on many new adventures!


You can freely use these assets for personal and commercial use. Crediting is optional, but if you'd like to, thank you very much!

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GenreAction, Platformer
Tags2D, Animation, Arcade, Pixel Art
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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After finishing a platformer tutorial I wasn't sure what to do as a game. Decided to select the art first and then find a theme. The first asset I choosed was yours, then it shaped the whole game. Thank you so much! 


Lemme do a game with this.


Is this you under another name? If not, this person is selling your art: https://wabsa-studios.itch.io/


Thanks for letting me know about this. Looks like they're knicking assets from OpenGameArt users, such as this one https://wabsa-studios.itch.io/free-platformer-asset-pack

these are absolutely amazing, thank you!

As always great work!! Such a cool crew

Absolutely top notch stuff as always! Thanks for sharing this, GrafxKid!

THESE ARE SO COOL!!! I LOVE that dinosaur !!!

looks nice

oh shit grafxkid is back

the grafx is back

These are very cute and creative characters!


Hey! great to see new assets from you! You have always had such lively and interesting character designs and animations.

Keep being an inspiration, cheers!